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Saturday Babes DXXVI on 14.01.2017 @ 13:29
  Once again 15 hand-picked galleries:

Last 10 Saturday Babes updates: DXVI -- DXVII -- DXVIII -- DXIX -- DXX -- DXXI -- DXXII -- DXXIII -- DXXIV -- DXXV

I wish you all a great Saturday. Enjoy your free time. Cya tomorrow with a new batch of links!

Quick One MXCVII on 13.01.2017 @ 19:20
  No talking just the finest links: (The image on the left was removed due to some display error - it's coming back soon)

- Ava Addams ins ONE HELL of a MILF. Plus: The one & only Connie Carter.
- A new compilation of all the biggest fails of the year from around the internet.
- This oblivious selfie taking girl has a close call with a race car on a dirt track.
- Time for a fuck with one of the most adorable pornstars. Dillion Harper.
- Stormy day. One driver got lucky - the other doesn't give a fuck. Haha, Jeep!
- This girl gets nailed by a car while crossing the street with a bucket of paint.
- Cops destroy a Lamborghini Murcielago because it had been illegally imported.
- Great collection of chicks w/ epic bodies. Plus: The one & only Sunny Leone.
- Pretty amusing video about a fat dog from Japan. Kinda long, but also funny!
- A best of the web compilation full of the most mind bending vids of the year.
- A gorgeous blonde amateur gets creampied in a steamy hotel room sex tape.
- Oklahoma running back Joe Mixon punching a girl after she assaults him first.
- Total amateur hottie having a birthday threesome with her boyfriend and BFF.
- Motion lights and security cams catch a super scary visitor in the back yard.
- Bunch of old blokes have to free a bike from a electric fence. Haha, funny shit!

Funny Four

Sorry for the late update. I'm gonna make it up with titties, those bouncy things - I think you know what I'm talking about! Am I right? Cya tomorrow!

Big ass gallery. Jessica Davies on 12.01.2017 @ 10:19
  To be perfectly honest, I'm not sure who Jessica Davies exactly is. I'm assuming she's a model, cause she looks hot and like to take selfies of her on Instagram (while that wouldn't be a strong indicator, as almost everybody does this on Instagram) and got big boobs. You don't have to care either, just check out this massive 130 picture gallery.

Jessica Davies

- Now that's a gorgeous blonde big boobed chick! Plus: The hot Caroline Aquino.
- When your ass is your weapon of choice to attack. This an epic dog!
- This monkey steals a Go Pro and takes it on a wild ride all thought the jungle.
- Stunning brunette gets banged by a big black dick. She knows how to take it!
- Horse goes completely crazy after it finds out how these plastic chickens work.
- Out of all types of stores - why would you try to rob a gun store? Stupid, eh?
- Four nubile bikini girls having a hot lesbian orgy on the steps of a big mansion.
- A crazy close calls compilation full of near misses that were very nearly fatal.
- Snoop Dogg narrates Planet Earth and puts David Attenborough to shame.
- Amateur with epic tits. Plus: You can have fun @ porn shoots as well!
- A bungie jumper learns an important lesson about gravity while on first jump.
- Another day another Vaporizer explodes in a dudes face. Shit is dangerous.
- Cute emo girl with a perfectly shaved pussy. Plus: Cute gf is a real keeper.
- This painful ear pulling competition is an crazy sport that's only for masochists.
- Super slow motion footage of people getting hit with a soccer ball in the face.

Funny Four

Soo, I'm done for today - time ride home! Looks like I have to slap my horse a bit - to get home faster. Cya tomorrow!

Funny Pictures DCXXXVIII on 11.01.2017 @ 07:46
  Here we go:


Last 10 funny pictures updates: DCXVII -- DCXVIII -- DCXIX -- DCXXI -- DCXXII -- DCXXIII -- DCXXXIV -- DCXXXV -- DCXXXVI -- DCXXXVII

>>> You have also the possibility to browse all images on one page with bigger thumbnails as well. Click here to view the alternative gallery design. <<<

Funny Four

Hope you like the collection! Cya tomorrow with a new batch of links. Stay tuned!

Quick One MXCVI on 10.01.2017 @ 12:58
  No talking just the finest links: (The image on the left was removed due to some display error - it's coming back soon)

- Gorgeous girl has to deal not with one, but two black dicks. Plus: Perfect blonde spreading (Pics).
- Girls records her dad singing a amazing cover of "Tennessee Whisky". He got talent.
- A best hood fails of 2016 supercut full of fuck ups from the bad side of town.
- Christmas is over, but it's never too late for a lesbian threesome. Plus: Heidi Klum topless.
- The dumbest guy of 2016 gets burned by a suicide vest made of fire crackers.
- Asians are usually so polite and calm. But when they go off - they go off super hard.
- Great collection of sexy amateur videos and hilarious re-edit of a Michael Jackson clip.
- Road rager gets his dose of instant karma. (Website got annoying pop-up) - click back.
- A bunch of donkeys is sick of being behind bars - so they escape. Haha, nice move!
- A hot redhead girlfriend sucking cock with her best friend and her hung BF.
- You will never be as relaxed as this super chill hedgehog getting a belly rub.
- 2 cavemen discover economics and have a tense negotiation over some food.
- Gorgeous blonde girlfriend lets her boyfriend fuck her in all holes. Yay!
- A fatal motorcycle crash where the rider films the last few seconds of his life.
- Photographer gets way too close to a out-of-control Rally car. Could have been worse!

Funny Four

Let's wrap this up, with a quick move from Mary Elizabeth Winstead, some more nakedness underwater - where them bubbles coming from? haha! And finally some great pussy play! Cya all tomorrow!

Thong of the Week Vote on 09.01.2017 @ 09:22
  As you can see, there are 3 new thongs online - ready to be rated.

Now the results of the old vote (click to enlarge):

3064 votes

2nd Place:
1518 votes

3rd Place:
1113 votes

Bonus Butts

You can now see all Bonus Butts on one single page. Hope you gonna enjoy the latest selection. And as always, a link to our Thong of the Week Archive. It contains over 2000 pictures. Hope you had a great start into the new week! I know this weeks Thongs of the Week girls don't even wear thongs - but I thought it can't hurt to switch things up - once a year! Haha.

Quick One MXCV on 08.01.2017 @ 18:39
  No talking just the finest links: (The image on the left was removed due to some display error - it's coming back soon)

- Two blonde sluts & a lot of lube = a solid plan! Plus: Kenna James gorgeous as always. (Pics).
- Wife with a good husband gets surprised with a puppy as her Christmas gift.
- Assholes getting exactly what they deserve in this karma's a bitch compilation.
- Blonde vixen Eve Smile stretching her pussy out before using a really huge toy.
- Clumsy reporter crashes a scooter and wrecks a monitor during a live segment.
- This is a bookshelf that also works as Tetris. I gotta say, that's pretty brilliant.
- Superb hottie shows off her body in changing room. Plus: Kendall Jenner' ass tattooed.
- This is how it looks like when you don't know what the fuck you're doing. Mou.
- First this non league player shoots, hits the bar, volleys the rebound and scores
- Sexy/funny compilation clip where pets are ruining sex scenes. These folks...
- Guess what happens when an idiot tries riding his motorcycle inside the house.
- It's straight up painful to watch what this total moron does with his car. HOW?!?
- Regulars have already seen this monster set of boobs. But you can watch her twice!
- Oldie, but goldie: - Two old ladies driving around dangerously and wreaking havoc.
- I said it: This is the perfect woman. The body, the moves, the BBQ. WINNING!

Funny Four

Some of you might have noticed, that I skipped today's gallery, that's because I feel quite sick. But of course I have a farewell gift prepared for you guys until you get to see another update tomorrow - with more hotties! Cya!

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